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Fire Country Dreaming

DH Golf is the brainchild of golf enthusiast, Darkie. He wanted to source uniquely designed and bright-coloured men’s golf pants in Australia. Unfortunately, he could only find them in the United States. Why not introduce the pairs in the Land Down Under? His wife, Heather, joined in on the plan so together they started DH Golf range.

Uniquely Australian - Loud and Proud

We offer interestingly unique patterns for pants and shorts designed by an avid golfer for golfers. Our collection of aboriginal art inspired pants is sure to turn heads while you’re in the zone. Completely lightweight and easy to wear, our products are not only good for the eyes but comfortable too! Stay in style and grab everyone’s attention while playing golf with pairs from DH Golf.

Check out our range of lightweight pants and golf shorts online along with their new and much lower prices. Get your own pair now!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used in the pants?

DH Golf pants are made from a material of 97% cotton / 3% spandex which makes them a lightweight, breathable and most of all, easy care fabric. We recommend a cold wash, line dry and then fold and hang - no ironing required!

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